Women’s Health

I am passionate about raising awareness through design

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Endometriosis & Me

I have had a passion to raise awareness of Endometriosis after I was finally diagnosed after a 12.5 year wait. This passion steams from the goal that I do not want any other young women to go through the same journey of pain, depression and anger that it took me to be believed and taken seriously by doctors. There is also a lot of conflicting advice on how to manage and treat the symptoms (there is currently NO cure for this condition), so I want to be able to help people find the correct information they need. I have created graphics, posters, event flyers and even a free eBook over the last few years, working with leading charities and health professionals using both my passion and skills as a visual communicator to reach people of all ages and across the globe.

Branding and Designs

Working with Charities and Health Professionals

I have worked with endometriosis uk / women with endometriosis and many other health professions and charities on projects such as branding, graphics, posters, flyers and event materials.


Character Designs

I can create fun and engaging characters that can be used to communicate messages or stories about subjects or materials some people might find difficult or worrying to show younger audiences.


Striking Infographics

I can create striking and engaging infographics, that can communicate quickly and effectively, facts, figures and statistics you wish to show your audience. These can be used on social media and presentations.


Posters, Flyers, Presentations and Graphics

I have designed Powerpoints, Book covers, posters, flyers, tickets, bags and brochures for health conventions, lectures, events and seminars across the UK. I have also created materials for Endomarch London, Glasgow and parts of the USA.


Mental Health and Social Issues

Depression / Anxiety / Period Poverty / Stress / Period Tax are just a few of the causes I try and help by creating visuals the engage on social media. I have also created branding and print materials for charities and private health professionals raise awareness in these issues.