Illustrated Living with Endometriosis - FREE PDF eBook

I was diagnosed with endometriosis following a 15 year wait of trying to find help whilst managing my periods. 

As a young woman it was almost an embarrassment to admit how awful the symptoms were and I went to extreme lengths to disguise it from everyone I loved. It affected me physically, socially and emotionally.

Now, I have a defiant attitude to living with this condition, its chronic pain and emotional stress; I will continue to be as strong as I can and not let endometriosis define me. I'm learning to accept the diagnosis and finding ways to support others and as well as myself.

I have learnt a lot living and working with this condition over the years. I have also had the joy of meeting, talking and working with so many other #EndoSisters who have found ways to manage their pain, as well as doctors, nurses and health practitioners from all over the world. So here are few hints, tips and ideas for #LivingWithEndo from me and other Endo Sisters that can all be done at home.

If you wish to find out more about this project or if you wish to take part or offer support in further projects please contact me by email - Don't forget to share and let me know your feedback!

A big THANK YOU to the wonderful OhhhKaye. This amazing woman has teamed up with some other chronic superstars to create an accessible and informative illustrated eBook on Living with Endometriosis.

You may just recognise Kaye’s work... OhhhKaye is an endometriosis sufferer and graphic designer and has been designing Endometriosis UK’s material and artwork for the past few years. Her passion and talent has led her to create an uncomplicated guide to living with endometriosis that’s friendly and non-judgemental. Kaye has collaborated with Becca Willcox, Katie McIntosh, Antonia Boyton, Helen Kaselov and Heba Shaheed to bring you a variety of options and ideas to support you on your journey to managing endometriosis. With qualifications in yoga, gynaecology and women’s health, these women have used their knowledge and personal experience to devise a booklet that covers topics from how CBT can support the mental health challenges of endometriosis to bowel massages.

The booklet is free to download and is incredibly useful - I hope this amazing resource spreads far and wide! Thank you to all those involved - I’m sure I speak for the whole community when I say we truly appreciate the time and effort put into creating this for your endo sisters!