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I am passionate about raising awareness through design

Endometriosis & Me

As a sufferer of Endometriosis, who waited 12.5 years for a diagnosis, I am passionate about raising awareness of this condition. Endometriosis is little understood, even among health professionals, and I believe there is a role for good design to contribute to the communication of accurate health information.

The abundance of conflicting advice available to women who suffer from this condition (for which there is currently NO cure) can be very confusing and distressing; it’s my mission to create beautiful designs that help women find accurate information to manage their pain and take control of Endometriosis.

I have created graphics, posters, event flyers and a free eBook, and worked with leading charities and health professionals, harnessing my passion and skills as a visual communicator to reach people of all ages across the globe.

I do not want any other young women to experience the pain and anger I did before I was eventually treated equitably and compassionately by doctors who had no, or only a very limited, understanding of Endometriosis.

I believe that by working with researchers and health communicators to provide beautifully designed infographics I can empower women with the information they need to approach the health professionals responsible for their treatment with confidence and clarity.


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Health data can be complex and nuanced. Visual communication cuts out complexity and focuses on key facts. My work will make data attractive, statistics meaningful and broaden your appeal to a range of audiences.

Bodies can be embarrassing. Bespoke characters who do the talking for you are a fun and engaging way to communicate with young, vulnerable or otherwise isolated audiences. Stories engage people, regardless of age or background, so let me help you create the characters that will tell yours.

Event Speaking:

I am currently available to speak at events regarding the subjects of endometriosis and the importance of normalising menstrual cycles and the female body. I have experience presenting to schools, with a workplace, universities, networking meetings and small groups.

Who I work with:

·       Charities & NGOs

·       Heath researchers

·       Health professionals

·       The public sector

·       Activists & influencers

·       Journalists, writers and bloggers

My designs for Endometriosis UK, Women with Endometriosis, Endomarch (London, Glasgow and in the USA) and many other health professionals and women’s health charities have reached global audiences, featuring in the national press, health blogs and campaigns.

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