OhhhKaye invites you to experience our mindful doodles workshop and drawing meditation class

£25.00 per person (plus a small booking fee) 
max of 8 persons

TBA - Workshop Dates 2018
2 hours - 2 pm till 4 pm

The Stable House, The Owletts,
The St, Gravesend. DA12 3AP



The wonderful thing about doodling is that it can be self-soothing, satisfying, exploratory, memory-enhancing, and mindful. It is a whole brain activity used by innovators and great thinkers and it is not a sign of a distracted mind, but an engaged one!

In essence, doodling (drawing, painting and making things in general) can be a meditative experience as well as a pleasurable road map to thoughts and ideas.

Using only pencil, pen and paper, you'll learn how to free draw lines, curves and dots to create “Meditation” art that induces relaxation and has an impact on your mood and stress reduction.

Mindfulness Doodles can be done with no special 'artistic' talent needed.


We will start each workshop with a relaxing 10 minute Vedic Meditation session led by the wonderful Camilla from Stable House Meditation

We will then practice shapes and lines, talk about the flow of ideas and getting over the fear of making marks on paper. We then start to create our own personal designs on special tile cards, which you keep.

All materials will be provided, but if you have a favourite pen/pencil or drawing pad, feel free to bring it along! 

Hot and cold drinks and a snack will be available during the class.

Tickets are £25.00 (plus a small booking fee) and can be purchased here:

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