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logo and branding by OhhhKaye

logo and branding by OhhhKaye

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Camila Baker at a Medway based network meeting.  After a short talk I found myself drawn to her unique energy and her great positivity. 

She was needs some branding work for her meditation classes and I was delighted when she chose to work with me on this project.

While I was learning about her and what she does, I started to feel like my life was missing a skill. Medication. Thou I did do some after my yoga classes, I could never seem to do it alone at home.

I suffer from a noisy brain. It is always talking to me; whether it is that what I am doing now, what I’ve just done before or a random thing about the past, I find it hard to quieten it all sometimes find a moments piece.  So last month I finally took the plunge and took the four-day course at her home.

Camilla practice a form of meditation called Vedic meditation. She always spoke about her classes with such passion and enthusiasm that I knew I had to learn with her.  It’s also helped that she lives a beautiful home surrounded by some of Kent’s best countryside making it an idyllic place to learn. A warm and welcoming place where you can totally relax and immerse yourself into the practice of meditation. 

What is Vedic Meditation?

The word Vedic comes from the Sanskrit word Veda, or knowledge. Vedic Meditation is one of the oldest, most effortless, and natural forms of meditation. 

Vedic Meditation is not a monastic practice. Meaning, it wasn’t designed for people whose spiritual path involves detaching from society. It is practiced by sitting comfortably with eyes-closed, and gently using a specific sound, or “mantra,” to naturally settle the mind and body into a state of deep rest. 

This technique was developed for “householders”—people who are fully engaged in life. Multi-tasking people with active minds who lead busy lives with jobs, relationships, and families.

Although originating in India this is not exclusively “Indian” knowledge. The technique is universal in its nature, practiced by and benefiting people all over the world, regardless of their society, profession, age, religion, or belief system.


For my first session I had to bring along some fresh flowers and fruit to offer as thanks to indian prophets that founded this practice. 

I had seen Camilla perform this ceremony before, but it was extra special this time around as this beautiful ceremony was just for me! The ceremony takes place standing facing a image featuring the prophets and Camilla sings/chants to the prophets while offering the fruit and flowers, as well as incense, water and rice. After this I was given my own personal mantra and spent the next hour mediating.

Slowly mouthing the words of my own personal mantra, first with my voice, then in head until they slowly faded away into silence, I felt a great sense of peace. Whilst I was meditating many thoughts passed through my mind, some incredibly random (shopping lists, how my new kitten was doing at home alone, my nanny etc), others things that I hadn't thought of for years (an old school friend for example) - I acknowledged them and went back to my mantra. 

The minutes sped away and I lost all sense of time and suddenly that was the end of the session! I felt amazing. As well as the feeling of peace, my head felt clearer and I felt more overall relaxed. I might not have had a completely silent mind, but I felt that my thoughts could be more easily pushed back or away by using my mantra. 

Camilla asked me to try and do another 20 minutes that evening which I did do with help from her FREE APP (

I will admit it was harder to do allow at home, due to excitable kitten, a hungry husband and a home phone that kept wanting my attention! But I did it, I kept my eyes close, breathing calm and kept repeating the mantra. It is so good to create just 20 minutes of me time. 

I shall write about the following days training in another post but if you want to know more do visit Camilla's website and check her out!