Ohhh Snail Mail Information Graphics!

My bestie Hayley and I have recently been inspired by a designer named Giorgia Lupi, co-founder and design director of Accurat, to undertake the task of creating postcards made completely of infographics based on one topic, once a week, for the whole year!


The idea was to start to push ourselves creatively, not only to capture and visualise data (no matter how mundane) but also to go back to good old fashioned hand drawn/created work that relied on snail mail!  

Giorgia's work is inspiring and beautiful but I didn't want to directly copy it. I wanted to put my own twist on the idea by trying to keep it illustrative and colourful.

The hardest task is to think of new and interesting topics each week and being disciplined enough to keep on track. 

But it is amazing what happens when you start to focus on one small thing or task and then keep track of it. My favourite information graphic postcards that I have made so far have been those tracking my sleep, drinks, music, words and thoughts. These allowed me to push my creative skills and find new ways to show what I discovered.

Another small detail I have learned by working on this project concerns the weather! When you send a gouache painted postcard and it rains... it is going to run! The same goes for some of the pens I used. Also, the cards can get torn, bent or damaged, but it all adds to the experience.

I love waiting for the postman. He always asks me about the cards from Hayley and what they mean. He has asked to see mine a few times too! The walk to the village postbox takes about 20 minutes, but I enjoy the chance to stomp through the farmland and orchards, come rain or shine, to post my little postcard.   

I am really enjoying this process, I will continue to update you on some of the designs I create. 

Ohhh Wine Time!

Kent Gold

As you know, I am passionate about small businesses, and work hard to support local and family run companies where I can. I love attending local food markets and fairs, stocking up on beautiful and unique food and drink produce.

Therefore I was delighted to be asked to design new wine labels for West Fisher, one of the smallest commercial wine producers in the UK.

I began by working with the product "Kent Gold", which is described as: "A blended medium dry white made from Pinot Blanc and Reichensteiner grapes, Wiltshire grown but all made in our winery near Biggin Hill, of course. Similar to a Soave in character with an almost Sancerre character to the finish, well suited to fish & summer dishes." This is one of my favourite wines in the West Fisher range, so I started to play with my ideas about wineries and Kent to make an illustrative mark. 

The old label (seen to the left of the image) plays with sun, but I wanted to evoke images of the earth. 

Kent is synonymous with countryside, fields and farming and I wanted to imply this heritage with the wine labels, whilst also adding texture and depth.

I started with a gold textured background and a rounded and smooth shape (like a grape), and then I started hand carve out lines, as if the shape was the earth being ploughed for seeding/ growing. 

Once we had arrived at a shape and style, I decided to look at changing the texture from gold foil to watercolour. This way we could make the design work across the range, so each wine has a unique shape and colour whilst retaining the same illustrative style. 

Working with the established West Fisher branding was challenging at first, but I think we came to a happy balance of old and new. The legal requirement for specific font sizes for measurements and alcohol volumes was also tricky, as it is stipulated in cm not in points!

One aspect of the design I felt strongly about was the angle of the horse's head on the logo. I tilted the horse's head up slightly, so it was no longer looking down, as I felt it had previously looked sad and downbeat. We also decided to incorporate it into the illustrations, which was a nice touch. 

Overall, I am very happy with the result, as is Simon from West Fisher. I feel a real sense of pride when I see all the bottles lined up on the market stalls! They look fabulous, plus they taste really good! 

If you are interest in supporting Simon and his amazing range of wines you can learn more and buy from his website: West Fisher Winery or find them at many of Kent's food fairs and markets! 


It's #NationalStressAwarenessDay - I can suffer from stress from time to time, but when I do I REALLY suffer from it! It all or nothing! So I thought I would help raise awareness on this day on what it is like living with stress and anxiety and also share a few of my tips on how to cope. 

When you feel stressed it can feel like you're fighting yourself. Try not dwell or overthink things. Worrying just makes your mind more and more tired, more and more detached from everything around you.

Step outside and take a walk, go for a bike ride or a swim.Try meditation, or write a list, talk to friends or family, do not fight to feel better. Do not worry and obsess about how you feel. You need to give your body the break it so craves.

Fighting yourself - by

Fighting yourself - by

For someone living with #anxiety and #stress, the voice, or self-talk, can be overbearing. Find a hobby you love, an activity, anything you can get lost in. When you’re lost in a positive way like this, anxiety’s voice can’t find you.

Anxiety likes to have a voice. It means it’s heard (by us) and it has power (over us). Good thing that voice can be silenced.


That little voice - by

That little voice - by