The Bloody Big Quiz

So looking forward to this tonight!

The Bloody Big Quiz will be fundraising for the Vicious Cycle: Making PMDD Visible project, run by local lass, Laura Murphy. By attending you will provide them with much-needed funds to push forward to raise awareness and push forwards to improve standards of care for sufferers.

PMDD is a condition which affects around 1 in 20 women and has a 15% suicide risk - however, it is largely unheard of and massively undiagnosed. To read more about PMDD click here: IAPMD - International Association For Premenstrual Disorders.

There is also a Red Box Project Donation Station.

A stand for period ware for the Red Box Project - so pack some sannies and bring them along!The Red Box Project is an initiative that quietly ensures no young woman misses out on her education because of her period. They are 100% community driven and run by individuals across the UK. They place constantly stocked Red Boxes of sanitary wear in schools for young women to access, aiming to reach those who may not be able to afford these vital items.

If you can come, but want to help, please follow the link below, and go to tickets - it will take you to the book page, but there is an option just to leave a donation.