London calling with Paper53

I love London. The noise, the people, the colours, but the best bit is that I can people watch everywhere! I like to try and capture people moving about. Fast, free sketching. Trying to capture a fleeting moment, a persons characteristic or even a story. 

The iOS app Paper53 makes it so easy to doodle on the move without the need to carrying my sketchbook along with the paints, pencils or pens I might need. The app tools include a water colour brush, pencil, marker pen, fine line pen, calligraphy pen, rubber and much more. You can mix and save colours to pallets, cut out and repeat elements, erase step by step if needed as well as the ability to zoom in and out of your image. 

I have been using the app since its first launch and even through it has gone through lot's of changes (which not everyone has loved in truth), but personally I still think it is one of the best drawing apps on the market and what makes it even better for new users, is that the app is now a FREE to download from iTunes including all the drawing tools! 

So whether I am on my iPad or on my iPhone, (the app is available on both) I can sit and quickly sketch people wherever I am and normally not get caught doing it. Like an artistic ninja!

All the sketches below were created using app on my iPad and iPhone and using only the fill tool in freeform!