Are you available for commission by companies and magazines?
Absolutely! Feel free to get in touch with me.

Are you available for personal commissions (portraits, weddings, birth announcements, etc)?
If you’re interested in a personal commission, feel free to get in touch with me

Where did you learn how to draw/Where did you study?
I always wanted to be an illustrator but I’m mainly self-taught regarding that aspect.

How did you develop your style?
It wasn’t so much of a conscious process but a slow evolvement. I’ve been drawing since I was really young and a while ago I looked at old drawings from when I was 8 years old and I saw I drew the same noses as I do know. Over the years I developed my drawing skills by taking classes, drawing a lot and trying new things.
The tools help too: when I draw with pencils I tend to be more detailed than when I paint with gouache for example. So the medium defines your style as well.

How do you create your illustrations?
I start with a rough sketch for composition. I use a 2B graphite pencil for this. After that I pick a colour palette with watercolours.
Then I use a mechanical pen to re-draw the sketch in final, on thick watercolour paper or slightly textured paper. I prefer using a 2B pencil which is a bit softer than a HB pencil.
Then I either work out the illustration in watercolours, gouache and coloured pencils, or I do it digitally.
After I finished everything to my liking, I scan the illustration with my good old Epson V500 scanner. Then comes the last part: colourizing. I use a Wacom Cintiq for this. I add layer over layer with colour to my illustration. I do a bit more of shading and add highlights digitally. I use brushes and textures I created myself mostly.

How do I get started in the illustration world?
I’ve written the elaborate story already on my blog about this but the short version is: invest a lot of time drawing.
Make sure you practice a lot and be patient. I worked part time jobs until I was 31 years old to make a living next to illustrating for clients. I recently quit my part time job to focus on freelance work full time, but it’s hard work. I live very simple to keep my overhead low so I can dedicate my time to this job.
Make a lot of work, create a portfolio, stay focused, work even harder, and make sure you have a website.

I’d like to get a coffee with you to discuss my project/my portfolio/my illustration career.
Unfortunately I don’t do guidance projects or portfolio reviews in my spare time, as I would love to spend more time with my friends and family. Sorry, but thanks for understanding!

What brand of gouache/watercolours/pencils/etc. do you use?
At the moment I love Winsor&Newton, both watercolours and gouache, and I use Faber Castell pencils.

Who are your favourite artists?
Oliver Jeffers, Quentin Blake, Mary Blair, 

Do you take interns?
I have too little time right now to be a good intern guide, therefore I don’t right now. The same goes for mentoring or personal help over email unfortunately, as there are too many requests and too little time.

Do you teach workshops?
Yes I do! 

Do you sell prints or products of your work?
Yes, I do! You can find them in my shop.

Can I share your work on social media?
Sure! As long as you’re not using it for commercial purposes, I’m very happy if you do this. But please don’t cut off my signature or edit my work in any way. Also make sure to link to my website or instagram-account. Cheers!

Can I write a blog post about your work?
Absolutely! You can share my work by embedding the images directly from my instagram-account.
Also, don’t forget to link to my website: marloesdevries.com
Any editing to my work is NOT allowed. All my work is copyrighted protected under the Dutch law, so if you want to make translations to another language, please ask my permission first.

Can I use one of your illustrations for my logo/promotional item/business/unrelated article etc.?
If you would like it to use for promotional purposes, an article or business, please contact me and let me know what you are going to use it for, what the purpose is and what your budget is. As all of my work is copyrighted and protected by the Dutch law, I will make a license for you available.
It is not allowed to use any of my illustrations without my consent.

Can I ask you more questions?
I’m afraid I just don’t have time to answer all the individual questions I get. Please know that I did my absolute best to answer as many questions I possibly can here, on my about-page and on my blog.
If you really want to dive into illustration, you’re welcome to join one of my workshops!
For general questions regarding illustration or drawing, please try searching through Google. You will find that most things are covered there. Thanks!