Ohhh Snail Mail Information Graphics!

My bestie Hayley and I have recently been inspired by a designer named Giorgia Lupi, co-founder and design director of Accurat, to undertake the task of creating postcards made completely of infographics based on one topic, once a week, for the whole year!


The idea being was to start to pushing ourselves creatively not only on how to capture and visualise data (no matter how mundane) but also to go back to good old fashioned hand drawn/created work that relied on snail mail!  

Giorgia's work is so inspiring and beautiful but I didn't want to directly copy it. I wanted to put my own twist own the idea by trying to keep it illustrative and colourful.

The hardest part is trying to think of new and interesting topics each week and being disciplined in keeping track. 

But it is amazing what happens when you start to focus on one small things or task and keep track of it. My favourite information graphic postcards that I have made so far, have been those where I tracked my sleep, drinks, music, words and thoughts. These allowed me to push my skills creatively and find new ways of show what I found.

Other small details I have learnt by working on this project is weather! When you send a gouache painted postcard and it rains... it is going to run! Same for some pens I used. The cards can get torn, bent or damaged, but it all adds to the experience.

I love waiting for the postman. He always asks me about the ones from Hayley and what do they mean. He has asked to see mine a few times too! The walk to the village postbox takes about 20 minutes rain or shine, but I enjoy the chance to stomp through the farmland and orchards to post my little postcard.   

I am really enjoying this process, I will continue to update you on some of the design I do.