An Illustration Reflection - Best of 2016

My Favourite Colour Collective Illustration (Twitter Group Challenge) 2016

I so enjoyed taking part on Colour Collective this year. Thou I could not always do it every week, I tried my best to! Every Monday a Pantone colour was announced and the idea is to create a visual piece using that colour within it. It could be any medium and any theme, total freedom.  

This allows you to play and push yourself to create and play with both colour and styles as you try to make your piece stand out. I was amazed on how supportive and collaborative the group was. How quickly comments, shares and like built up where given. There was endless amount of inspiration as well, just scrolling through everyone work.

I bought new photoshop brushes and push myself to draw in new ways and styles. This little fellow was the result of a new style, new photoshop brushes and taking inspiration from outside my window. This fellow, on his way to school, stopped and just splashed about and then tilted his head back felt the rain on his face before mum pulled him back into the school run! So cute! 


MY FAVOURITE PERsonal PIECE of illustration 2016

This was a difficult but rewarding piece of work that I completed alongside a self help/advice e Book called "Living with Endometriosis".

I wanted to finally write down my story, something I had been putting off for so long. I spoken about it lot's, but I always thought that if I put down my story in writing it would somehow make it feel more real and permanent. That it would somehow make me feel those same feelings or emotions again. In truth, it did, but it also served as a great healing tool. I felt lighter from it.

To go along side my story I illustrated several key moments in my story to help get the message or my feeling out to the reader. I also shared then alongside social media tweets about living with the condition as well as the physical and psychological effects living in chronic pain while also trying to get diagnosed.    



I was asked by a wedding celebrant to create an illustrated bride for her to use across multiple platforms as piece of her brand.  

She wanted to have a "Bo-Ho" bride to promote the handfasterning market of brides as this was something she was enjoying doing.

I was delighted to help with this as I LOVE drawing bridal dresses. This one was a challenge due to the lace, but I really enjoyed the process and the delicate touches in the dress and flowers.




One of my most bought pieces from my online stores in 2016 where from my Hot drinks collection.

Started as a study of portraits in the vector style, three little pieces came about! My favourite piece being "That Hot Chocolate Feeling", because I LOVE hot chocolate in the winter, especially with little marshmallows floating around on top. Yummy.

That Hot Chocolate feeling - Artwork and gifts at S6 Shop

That Coffee feeling - Artwork and gifts S6 Shop

That Tea feeling - Artwork and gifts S6 Shop



Ohhh Mr Trump... Mr President-elect...

So much came out of America's latest Presidential campaign; quotes, news, false reports, back stabbing, lies, truths, russian tampering (?) , comedy sketches  and the good people of the USA themselves. So much was said, shown and done it was a feast for illustrators everywhere.

One of my last jobs of 2016 was to illustrate an article on the idea of those who made "him". I wanted to show the people and politicians campaigned and maneuvered Trump into power both cheering and leering at the "monster they made". A sort of Frankenstein feeling, while the "Monster" soaks up the power and glory. 

I think it came out well and the article writer loved it! 

I hope to do many of these political based illustrations in 2017, but not all on Trump I hope.


I work for a wide range of clients across advertising, editorial and corporate business fields but I don’t really have a ‘typical’ client. I get approached by all sorts of different people and companies and I love the challenge of creating something unique for each one in order to solve a problem visually. 

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