Ohhh Happy New Year

It is that time again. Time to make a change. Set out goals and ambitions for 2017.

I always hate picking just a thing to change or do, often because I fail or slip up as it is often too difficult or complicated and so I just get frustrated and give up. Why just one BIG thing? Why not a few smaller things?

So I have decided to make lots of small changes as I go through the year and not beat myself up if I can't do them all, but celebrate the ones I do complete or accomplish. If I fail once, or twice or thirty times, I still have thousands of small other chances to try again! 

Isn't that better?

So here is a list of things that spring to mind today (1st Jan 2017) of some things I would like to change, do, see and try...

  1. Get outside more
  2. Meditation - let's do it everyday
  3. Yoga - start documenting my process and go to class every week.
  4. Don't get down, frustrated or upset when I am ill or under the weather - My body is doing the best it can!
  5. Take breaks
  6. Go to Paris
  7. Go to a London NFL game
  8. Listen to more music
  9. Read more - less online stuff though
  10. Eat less sugar
  11. Buy art, music and craft art I love - support fellow small and independant artists
  12. See more of my friends
  13. Draw EVERYDAY - even if it is small
  14. Go back to Screenprinting
  15. Be Kind, Forgive, Slow down
  16. Be grateful
  17. Be happy - see the good in everyday things
  18. Fill office wall with inspiration
  19. Laugh
  20. Run
  21. Try and write more
  22. Blog
  23. Take up a new hobby - pottery?
  24. Work on the house
  25. Go diving again - it's been years! 

I shall keep adding as the year goes on. Let's see where this goes! 

To make a start here is a link to one of my favourite "remix" artists Pogo and his new album. This link takes you to one of my favourite tracks. I have downloaded his album via Bandamp. If you like what you hear why don't you do the same? You can pay what you want to pay... how much would you give? 

Happy New Year! Support one of my favourite musical artists this year.
Download Weightless from Bandcamp: http://pogomix.bandcamp.com/album/wei...

Another thing I want to do is to fill my office wall with inspiration - so I will start buying a few prints and postcards from my Etsy favourite lists! One of these is this amazing work by Andsmile. I love her style and use of colour. It is in the basket, and when a few other shops reopen in the New Year I shall make a group purchase and fill my office with colour! 

  Nighty Night (and get off Twitter) is an A4 print.  https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/235954863/nighty-night-a4-print

Nighty Night (and get off Twitter) is an A4 print.

There, a start has been made!

Do you have any wishes, resolutions or goals for 2017? Why not share them with me... I would love to hear, help or even support you in achieving them!