Ohhh Wine Time!

Kent Gold

As you know, I am passionate about small business, and work hard to support local and family run companies where I can. I love attending local food markets and fairs, stocking up on beautiful and unique food and drink produce.

Therefore I was delighted to be asked to design new wine labels for West Fisher,  one of the smallest commercial wine producer in the UK.

Working with the name "Kent Gold", described as: "A blended medium dry white made from Pinot Blanc and Reichensteiner grapes, Wiltshire grown but all made in our winery near Biggin Hill of course. Similar to a Soave in character with an almost Sancerre character to the finish, well suited to fish & summer dishes." and one of my favourites in the range, I started to play with my idea of wineries and Kent to make an illustrative mark. 

The old label (seen to the left of the image) plays with sun, but I wanted to play with the earth. 

Kent is synonymous with countryside, fields and farming. I wanted to add this feel to the wine labels as well a texture.

I started with a gold texture, a rounded and smooth shape (like a grape) and started hand curve out lines, as if the object earth being plowed for seeding / growing. 

One we arrived at a shape and style, I decided to look at changing the texture from gold foil to watercolour. This way we could make this work across the range. Each wine having a unique shape and colour in the same illustrative style. 

Working with the established West Fisher branding was difficult at first, but I think we came to a happy balance of old and new. The legal font sizes for measurement and alcohol volume also was tricky as it was in cm not in points! One thing I fighted for was to change the horse's head logo slightly. I raised the horse's head up slightly, so it was no longer looking down (sometime I felt strongly about!) as I felt it looked sad and downbeat. We also decided to make it fit into the illustrations which was a nice touch. 

Overall I am very happy with the result as is Simon! I feel a real sense of pride seeing all the bottles lined up on the market stalls! They look fab and plus they taste really good! 

If you are interest in supporting Simon and his amazing wines you can learn more and buy from his website: West Fisher Winery  or find them at many of the Kent based food fairs and markets!